Kindness as a business model.

A message from Manu

Oh hey, hello.

Let me start by saying thank you. The simple fact that you're spending time reading this and considering donating to a total stranger is amazing and I appreciate it.

I have no idea how you found your way to this page. Maybe is from my gallery, maybe is via my blog, or maybe is from one of my other projects. Whatever the case, I appreciate you being here.

This online life is a strange one. Sometimes you feel incredibly lonely and other times you feel very connected to complete strangers. And there are moments when it's hard to find the motivation to keep doing this. Which is why these random donations are helpful. Are the equivalent of a little pat on the back, something that lets me know the things I do are helpful to someone, somewhere.

Donations are appreciated because they help to pay for the running costs of my side projects. I always tried to stay as farther away as possible from advertising and sponsored content in my projects. I don't want to be pushed in directions I don't like by some stupid company I couldn't care less about. I only rely on human kindness to make my projects sustainable.

And I'm aware that it's probably not a smart move and in the long run it will probably fail. But I just don't care. I prefer to fail my way rather than go down the advertising route like the majority of the internet.

Anyway, thank you for being here and thank you for your time, I appreciate it.